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We believe that the very best food can be healthy, cooked at home with simple ingredients, and have the power to both unite and support families and communities. Our goal is to deliver amazing, fresh food of unparalleled quality to a community that understands and appreciates the importance of communal eating and sustainable agriculture.

Our grocery products and our food hall menu are built on the foundations of fresh food crafted in house from the best and most sustainable sources. The results are instantly obvious: an unparalleled flavor that simply can’t be replicated by industrial agriculture and food production. The farms we source from raise healthy animals in pastures unadulterated by herbicides and pesticides. As the result of years of sustainable agriculture practices, and opposite of almost all modern farming, these farm pastures do not require fertilizer, and they are actively putting carbon content back into the earth. Supporting farms like these is quite literally helping to save the planet.


Josh Decarolis

Growing up in an Italian family meant that Sundays were a communal all-day cooking and eating affair. After finishing culinary school and experiencing the corporate environment of a 5 star hotel restaurant, Josh took a giant payout to cook at Lemora, a little Italian restaurant in the Brookline neighborhood in Boston. Bringing him back to the food he wanted to cook, this would prove to be his biggest culinary influence to date. 

After moving to North Carolina, Josh eventually met Matt Kelley, and was brought into Mateo. This put Josh in an incredibly busy environment with an extraordinary attention to detail, and set the stage for Josh to finally open his own restaurant.

Although his knowledge of Italian cooking was deep and perhaps genetically ingrained, Josh attended the famed La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese, where spent the first three and a half months focused solely on mixing, kneading, and rolling pasta by hand for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. On his day off, he worked at the well known restaurant, Da Maro, which immersed him in his family’s traditional Sicilian cuisine.  

After returning, Josh opened  Mothers & Sons Trattoria in Durham, NC with the help of Matt Kelley. Today it is regarded not only as the best Italian restaurant in the Triangle, but also as one of the best restaurants overall. 


ross flynn

As Doc Sydnor of Braeburn Farm likes to say, “he didn’t know the front end from the ass end of a cow when he showed up.” But somehow Ross managed to earn a job on the farm anyway, and for five years he worked at Braeburn and Cane Creek Farm, learning everything from grazing strategies and pasture management to carcass qualities. 

After recognizing the need to learn the craft of whole animal butchery in order to complement the amazing meat that the farms were providing, Ross began butchering meat and making charcuterie at The Eddy Pub in Saxapahaw.  Since then, Ross has gone on to open Left Bank Butchery, which is the only whole animal butcher shop in the Triangle.

Because of his dedication to his craft and working with progressive farms at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, Ross has been featured on the Netflix series “Cooked" and on the PBS series “Tastemakers."